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Submit your request and fill out a short questionnaire online. Your submission will be initially evaluated by our science editor.
Based on the evaluation, we will provide you with a tailor-made offer to understand our standardized services as well as your specific requirements.

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We find the best match between experts, data scientists and editors in your field of expertise.
We take a rigorous qualification process to recruit scientific experts, professional medical writers and editors from a wide range of scientific backgrounds.

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To ensure that we accurately describe your research and convey your insights, we communicate with you on a regular and timely basis from the start of the project through its preparation, revision, and release.
We pride ourselves on our accessibility and the dialogue we have with our customers.

Research cooperation

We promote potential international research collaboration among study authors and experts who will provide important insights in study design, data analysis and manuscript production.


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    Native English Editorial Team: MagicEditors’professional editorial team consists of hundreds of experts and senior editors from different disciplines. Our experts are faculty and scientists with PhD and/or MD degrees and are still active the academic field. Our editors also have research experience and are certified by American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), and Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS), Some editors of MagicEditors are currently serving many top SCI journals as reviewers or even the editor-in-chiefs.
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    High Quality Assurances: We will have a dedicated team to assess and review the editors’ performance and provide our customers with free language editing after the initial editing.
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    Success Stories: MagicEditors clients have published lots of papers in leading journals and they rely on us to provide full-spectrum support for diverse publishing needs.



  • MagicEditors was established by a group of outstanding scientists from universities in China and US.We are dedicated to helping researchers from non-native-English speaking countries overcome the language barriers in their thesis manuscripts and publish their works in high-impact journals.
  • MagicEditors’professional services covering most academic disciplines including science, engineering, medicine, social science, humanities.We’re especially good at language editing, scientific editing, mocking peer review and statistical analysis in field of life science, medicine, and other basic science.
  • MagicEditors provide high quality scientific oriented services by matching clients and editors with expertise and experiences in their specific areas We believe only the editors having enough experience in the clients’ field could provide the best service as the requirements varies in each field. MagicEditors is also dedicated to promote the effective communications between clients and our editors, and create environments for both sides to grow together. We believe that only a healthy community benefiting both sides could make long-term collaboration and result high-quality and productive work.